Will business ever be the same again?

Posted by tobinagy

It will be interesting to see what the collateral damage of the recent COVID-19 pandemic lockdown will be on businesses. We are all looking forward to 2022, but I suspect it’s going to be just as challenging as 2020 and 2021, with new “uncertainties” added to the mix, such as the China-USA friction, collapse of logistic chains, higher inflation, and the potential rise of interest rates. Also, what about the supposedly “Global Resignation”, how will that eventuate? What about the global consequences of the COVID pandemic itself, including the “collective social trauma” inflicted? Finally, what about the rise of cryptocurrencies, how will that play out, as people start to lose faith in the system, that was supposed to serve us? Will, there be a real estate collapse or crypto bubble (again) or will they remain on a long-term growth trajectory. The question is will our newfound resilience again carry us through these events, as it did in 2020-21 during the COVID pandemic?

Will business ever be the same again? Clearly, online businesses and eCommerce are booming, as they have adapted and taken on new opportunities, whilst other “Bricks and mortar” businesses are floundering, many unable to reinvent themselves. Or will these businesses have the resilience to bounce back? Furthermore, will we be ready for the next pandemic, and if you believe the scientists, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

The solution will have to be to try and become “COVID-proof”, in preparation for the next anticipated global upheavals. At least by now, we have some idea of how to handle it, but either way, we are heading for some interesting times ahead! I would love to hear your opinion.

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